Disclosed is a service concept that helps shoppers make more mindful decisions, more easily, everyday.


There are so many complex and hidden factors to consider when trying to shop in a mindful way, and many competing interpretations of what makes a 'good choice'.

Disclosed opens up previously unavailable supply chain data and makes current information easier to navigate. Through simple and tailored layers of digital information, users can find products that reflect what they individually believe matters for their health and the planet. Disclosed helps users gain more control over their consumption and channel their spending into products that best meet their ambitions.


Express your priorities


Tell Disclosed what you want to achieve, whether you’re trying to reduce your environmental impact, take greater control of your diet, avoid specific ingredients or champion particular values.

Navigate product choice


Your personalised algorithm generates a simple percentage showing how well products match your priorities. This makes product navigation easier, so you can discover new products that best meet your goals.

Make informed decisions

Through Disclosed you cannot only shop more consciously, you can also encourage the supply chain as a whole to change, as Disclosed helps the industry to better understand your priorities.


The Disclosed label stands for transparency.


To receive the label, Disclosed’s corporate members have to open up previously hidden supply chain information for Disclosed to authenticate. The Disclosed label recognises that makers of a product are committed to behaving transparently. The Disclosed platform offers them a new kind of visibility and differentiator for their products in the market.


Disclosed creates a much-needed feedback loop. 

The logic of the market is that it will adapt to meet demand. But right now ‘demand’ is not understood fully because shoppers values and priorities cannot be conveyed based just on what they currently buy.

Disclosed gathers and shares a unique picture of shoppers’ preferences and actions with its retail members, so shoppers can influence the direction the industry takes.


Disclosed better connects the dots between individuals’ and the retailers and suppliers who serve them.